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Quick start-快速啟動標簽等多功能插件 Chrome插件


Quick start-快速啟動標簽等多功能插件 Chrome插件圖文教程

Quick Start插件概述

Quick Start是一款谷歌瀏覽器插件,它的功能是可以一鍵禁用/啟用瀏覽器擴展。正常情況下用戶想要使用或者禁用chrome某個擴展插件時,需要打開chrome extenstions,安裝quick start后會顯示在瀏覽器地址欄的右側有按鈕,用戶只需要一鍵就能控制。

Quick Start插件功能介紹

除此之外,Quick start插件還是一款基于HTML5開發的多功能標簽頁插件,在Chrome中安裝了Quick start插件后用戶就可以在新標簽頁中快速進行網站撥號、方便地管理Chrome瀏覽器中的擴展應用、基于云服務器的網站添加、網站數據的云備份等功能。

Quick Start插件下載安裝

1.哪里可以下載Quick Start插件在本站下方可以找到下載地址或者在chrome應用商店官方也可以搜索到這款插件下載地址。如何本地無法打開chrome應用商店,可以考慮谷歌訪問助手的幫忙,當然在本站離線下載最直接。

Quick Start插件如何安裝?通過點擊“添加在右上角的Chrome”按鈕,安裝Quick start插件,你同意安裝這個應用程序,你同意最終用戶許可協議和隱私政策和接受任何未來的更新和升級。應用程序與我們的服務器通信,以提供其功能和記錄使用指標。您可以在任何時間卸載該程序。具體安裝方法可以參照:怎么在谷歌瀏覽器中安裝.crx擴展名的離線Chrome插件? 如果CRX格式插件不能離線安裝怎么辦

Quick Start插件使用說明

1.Quick start是一款Chrome瀏覽器中集網站快速撥號chrome新標簽功能、網站云添加、數據云備份的等多功能的谷歌瀏覽器插件。

Quick start插件安裝完成以后,在Chrome瀏覽器中打開新的標簽頁的時候就會發現其中不僅包含了原有的Google搜索和歷史記錄列表,在它們的下方還出現了一列像MAC的菜單一樣的功能列表,這些工具按鈕就是Quick start插件為Chrome新標簽頁提供了一些擴展功能,點擊這些小圖標就可以快速地啟動相應的應用程序或者管理對應的功能列表。
quick start 新標簽功能

3.quick start的另一個非常重要的功能就是


2.網頁新標簽快速撥號-Speed Dial 2 
3.chrome新標簽-Infinity New Tab
4.Dribbble New Tab:Dribbble新標簽頁插件

Quick Start插件英文介紹

start chrome with all extenstions disabled, click to enabled some. great for slow computers
All you want to do is quickly google something, but you have to start up chrome. Extension after useless extension loads when you don't want any of them. Isn't there another way? How about only loading one extension. An extension that when clicked, loads the rest. So you can do your quick googling when you want to and you can have them all installed. And if your extensions start becoming memory hogers, click the button again, and they are all disabled.

WARNING: This is not a stable version of it. There may be a chance that the extension fails to re-enable your extensions. you will have to go to your preferences and enable them by hand if this happens.

Created by theQxQ.

Also note that this extensions is unlikely to be updated anymore, but they are open source, so if you really want a feature, you can go ahead and add it. It is also under the mit license, so feel free to fork the code and use it any way you want.

You might also like unload, lets you unload a tab: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ghmpbhcnklckaophnagmnpdjpeapbghc

Quick start offers several features such as speed dial,cloud addition,and cloud backup to enhance the original New Tab.
Quick Start is a new tab based on HTML5

Quick Start is a Html based on the Chrome browser extension application . It provides website speed dial , allowing you to quickly find the website they want , such as : Google , facebook, DDT , etc. ; extended application quick access to the site to add custom , wallpaper and other functions better than new tab Chrome recommended ( eg : Replace New Tab Page, New Tab Redirect, Modern New Tab Page and iChrome); another Quick Start also provides : weather , game center , boutique shopping , wallpaper switching and collection, quick search and other plug-ins, while we continue to efforts to develop more practical plug-in , to provide users with the most efficient means of access .

- Most visited --------
The most visited category lists your most frequently visited sites . Every dial the full list of the URL, you can select the site you want to go . You can add any dial-up access to the largest web .

- Themes and customization .........
Quick Start Speed ??Dial with predefined system theme , and allows you to customize your pages.

- Speed ??....................
Speed ??Dial Quick Start running the new HTML local database engine to ensure speed , better data handling and protection of your information.

- Permissions explained ..................
Access your data on all websites , it is in order to better provide you with the most useful content and tools. 查看更多

Quick start-快速啟動標簽等多功能插件 Chrome插件圖片

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  • Quick start - 快速啟動標簽等多功能插件插件圖片
  • Quick start - 快速啟動標簽等多功能插件插件圖片
  • Quick start - 快速啟動標簽等多功能插件插件圖片
  • Quick start - 快速啟動標簽等多功能插件插件圖片

Quick start-快速啟動標簽等多功能插件 Chrome插件基本信息

插件名稱:Quick start-快速啟動標簽等多功能插件 插件作者:[email protected] 插件語言:支持多種語言 官方站點:暫無官方站點 插件唯一標識:pelmeidfhdlhlbjimpabfcbnnojbboma

Quick start-快速啟動標簽等多功能插件 Chrome插件用戶數和評分

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